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Body Composition Testing

Body composition refers to what the body is made up of, mainly the amount of lean body mass compared to fat mass. Weight or BMI (body mass index) are not the best measures of health, as they do not take into consideration how much muscle a person has. Some of the fittest people in the world will have high weights or BMI, but very low body fat amounts. Measuring body fat allows for a more accurate look into a person's fitness level and health. Additionally, it is common for the rate of weight loss to slow at times. It is crucial to know if fat is still being lost, or if the program needs to be adjusted. Two main ways we at Weight Away measure body composition are through circumference and body fat measurements. Circumference measurements are taken every other visit and help identify how the body is adapting to the program. Body fat is measured through the use of skin folds. Skin folds involve the use of calipers that measure the amount of fat beneath the skin at several places. By using both circumferences and body fat percent, progress and a more accurate health analysis can be seen.


These bootcamps are filled with fun, challenges, and energy as several exercises are blended into a group style workout. Each day is meant for you to push yourself physically and mentally to increase your fitness level. As you attend more bootcamps, a noticeable improvement will occur during workouts, in daily activities, and of course in your body! Variety is a key theme in our bootcamps as it helps to keep the enjoyment level high. A bootcamp incorporates muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Certain days may have an emphasis on one area, while others will equally blend them all together. Sometimes we even switch it up by playing a game to get our cardio in. We encourage you to contact us for details on days and times so that you too can get a great workout while having fun.

Community Service

Every contribution whether large or small has a big impact. At Weight Away, we frequently participate in various events throughout the year working to increase the quality of lives for others. Our main area of focus is in charity walk participation. There are several charity walks that support great causes through the year such as JDRF walk to cure diabetes, American Heart Association’s heart walk, Leukemia and lymphoma Society’s Light the Night walk, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and numerous more. With more people being directly and indirectly impacted by these diseases on a daily basis, our goal is to fundraise money for each one, and to have a presence at the walk to show our support and raise awareness for the cause. We encourage each of our members to join us and wear a Weight Away given T-shirt to show our collaborative support. Keep a lookout in the office and facebook for updates on the next one and we truly hope you can join us in participating.

Complete Body Analysis

Included within the Weight Away program but also available to the general public is our Complete Body Analysis. Within the Complete Body Analysis we will provide you with the following: Height, Weight, Blood pressure, circumference measurements, and percent body fat. This is available for $25. Please call to schedule a quick appointment


Each month Weight Away creates a newsletter with some useful information and updates for that month. There are five main categories that can be found within each newsletter. There will be a main theme section, tying in the month with something program related; a social connection section with some information from our facebook or twitter transferred over; a quick exercise tip; a patient question answered for everyone; and a calendar of events for the month. At the beginning of each month, the newsletters are printed out in the office, put on facebook as a photo under the newsletter album, and sent out electronically to those who have given their email. Make sure to check it out!


Outings are essentially elongated bootcamps. They occur every few months and will last for a few hours at a time. Due to the length of time, the intensity is not quite as high yet, be assured that you will be feeling sore a few days after. An outing will have much larger groups of people and will allow for a wide variety of activities to be completed. It’s not unheard of for those who complete an outing to receive a free t shirt!

Personalized Meal Plan

A crucial part of good health and weight loss is nutrition. Weight Away allows a medical provider to determine the best plan based on any current or potential health concerns an individual may have. Accompanying the personalized diet plan is a supplement regimen consisting of high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements that can be purchased in house. The combination of the diet with supplements allows for optimal weight loss, without the risk of inadequate nutrition. Individuals within the program will have biweekly checkups to ensure the program is going well and to have any necessary adjustments to the program be made.

Personalized Workout Program

Each participant in Weight Away will work with an exercise specialist to have a personalized workout program developed for them. Regardless of fitness ability, there is a right program for each individual. Through looking at current health and fitness levels, combined with the specific goals of the person, a program is created. Each program will build upon a foundation of consistent exercise, while expanding the knowledge base of different exercises available for a workout. It is our goal that by the completion of the program, each person will have the ability and understanding of how to create their own program based on their current desires or needs.


We offer all natural supplements to ensure each individual has the necessary nutrients they need for a healthy life and to aid in weight loss efforts. These supplements are not medications but may be recommended by a medical provider if they feel they will help an individual. Specific types and amounts of supplements are recommended based on the individual.

Walking Group

Walking group is an opportunity for Weight Away patients of all fitness levels to meet up with an exercise specialist to get a cardio workout in. The trail is a nice escape from busy roads as a paved trial is accompanied by several trees and a long creek. A portion of the trail runs next to a reserved habitat for another nice change of scenery. Everybody is encouraged to walk at their own pace, as long as they walking briskly. The exercise specialist helps to ensure that each person is walking at a level right for them and will record times for each person. The times will be entered into a spreadsheet so improvements can be seen.


Weight away Interaction Time (WIT) occurs once a month, typically the first week of the month during the evening. WIT allows a forum for weight awayers to come into the office to share with each other the experiences they are having. Hearing and sharing of successes and struggles with other weight awayers is extremely beneficial as perhaps they can offer some strategies and techniques that can help you along the way. Additionally we often try to have a guest speaker come in who has successfully gone through the weight away program. The guest speaker will share their story of what it was like for them to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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