Does my Insurance cover Weight Away? 
We are contracted with most insurance companies, and when referred by your physician, most costs are covered. However, if your insurance does not cover our program, we offer the same services at reasonable rates.


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Body Weight Exercise

Body weight exercises are exercises that use your body as resistance. This allows for a very inexpensive way to develop your muscles and create a more toned look. There are several levels of difficulty associated with different exercises. For each muscle group, it is best to fully master one exercise before moving to the next one in progression. The breathing pattern involves exhaling during the shortening of the muscle or the “hard part” of the lift. During the stretching or “easier part”, inhalation should occur. Each exercise should be performed in the full range of motion. The included examples serve as a useful reminder for how to perform each exercise. These exercises are only a small sample of exercises that use the body weight as resistance. For more exercises or information please contact us. 


This category includes two types of stretching, dynamic stretching and static stretching. Dynamic is stretching as your body is moving, and best used before a workout. Static stretching is holding a calm stretch and is most effective after a workout. 

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