Does my Insurance cover Weight Away? 
We are contracted with most insurance companies, and when referred by your physician, most costs are covered. However, if your insurance does not cover our program, we offer the same services at reasonable rates.


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Weight Away is a one-on-one medically assisted weight loss clinic, which helps assist patients with meal planning, portion control, exercise, and lifestyle changes


Designed to treat obesity as well as health issues such as:

-Hypertension                       -Diabetes
-High Cholesterol                  -High Triglycerides


  • Discusses weight loss goals
  • Educates on overall nutrition
  • Provides healthy meal plans
  • Involved in nutritional counseling
  • Helps with meal planning strategies

  • Review medical history
  • Basic lab analysis
  • Monitor vitals
  • Meal planning unique for each individual
  • Provide personal support

  • Develops custom workout programs that are safe & effective
  • Improves exercise adherence
  • Body fat analysis
  • Educate on exercise technique and program design
  • Provide personal support

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   Latest Blog Post


The other day in Weight Away I was talking with someone who realized they had lost about 25 pounds in nearly 6 weeks. They were quite happy about this and sat back a little more comfortable in their chair knowing their hard work is paying off. “Not too bad, that’s quick to lose so much”. That was a comment they had. I followed it up by asking if it felt that quick during the process.  Of course not. It felt considerably harder as they had worked through each day leading up to now, compared to simply looking back. This made me come up with an idea.

Time moves faster when we look back on time compared to when we are living in the present.

This is not something I have researched but think about it for a moment. Think about college, or high school, or the entirety you were in school.  Whether the memory is for yourself or your kid, it goes by like a flash. Yet for most of us there was some fun times, some struggles and maybe even drama. This concept will seem ...

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Month of Accomplishment


As March is about to start I’d like to suggest to you to try something new you wanted to do. Want to read more? Garden? Talk to family? Talk to friends? Journaling? Or another hobby? Whatever it is you want to do, look to the new month as a great opportunity to start. Not only is the new month a natural start as the calendar changes over, it sets up something a little more interesting.

Take a moment to think of something you want to do. Yes, actually think of something now. Got it? Ok now imagine doing that every day for the month of March. If it’s something really big you want, like running a marathon, set a smaller goal related to it that can be done every day as you work towards the marathon. Items such as reading, riding the bike or gardening are things that can be done each day. When you start to do this task, it does not need to be all day, as even a few minutes a day doing it works. Saying hello to one new person works. Whatever it is, set out to do it each and every ...

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What it takes to improve


I want to physically morph my body into a new shape. When someone wants to lose weight that is essentially what they mean. No one wants to look exactly as they did before but have 50 fewer pounds. They want to improve their overall physical being. Consider it for a moment. Consider the slow process that occurs during weight loss. The body within the skin starts to change and adapt. Certain areas that looked full start to become empty. Other areas become tighter as muscles begin to develop more fully. This continues along until the person becomes content with their shape. It is that simple. The question that must first be addressed though is, “what does it take to make that happen”?

In order for the body to change from what it is to something it isn’t certain things must be done. These things need to be things that have not been done before or at least not within recent memory. You see, if you had been doing these things, then your body would look a certain way. So what ...

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Weight away Day 2


We can all learn from others. Below is a "journal entry" from someone going through the Weight Away program. If you have tried to lose weight before, odds are you have experienced some similar thoughts and emotions. As you read it, I encourage you to think about your own experiences and see what you can take away from it. Enjoy!

“Weight Away Day 2” by Cindy J. (CJ) Thao

            “I’M HUNGRY!” That is what my body has been screaming at me all day, even till this hour, this moment that I am expressing my thoughts. My body is adjusting to this change, this lifestyle change, and currently, it is not very happy. It is also tempting me with cravings. I am craving for so much food, snacks, and nuts right now. To be accurate, it is craving for the food on my meal plan. My body wants time to pass by quicker so that it can eat again. I am hungry, but I am not starving. I am making due without adding food into ...

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Weight away experience day 1


“Weight Away Day 1” by Cindy J. (CJ) Thao

            Why am I doing this? What is motivating me to lose weight? I like to attribute that to my desire to be wholly healthy, which means being emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. Well, this is my journey to becoming physically healthy.

Yesterday, I met with Jeremy, and as he reviewed what I could and could not eat, I felt this prickly sense of anxiety climb up my back. Yes, I experienced fear. Fear of setting limits. Fear of changing old habits and behaviors. Fear of letting go of something I was so used to. Fear of the thought of letting go. Jeremy told me, “The first thing you need to do is let go”, and in my head, I thought, “Let go? What are you talking about?” But when he started to tell me what my treatment plan entailed, it hit me. I was being advised to let go. What exactly am I letting go of?

Well, for starters, I ...

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