Does my Insurance cover Weight Away? 
We are contracted with most insurance companies, and when referred by your physician, most costs are covered. However, if your insurance does not cover our program, we offer the same services at reasonable rates.


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Weight Away is a one-on-one medically assisted weight loss clinic, which helps assist patients with meal planning, portion control, exercise, and lifestyle changes


Designed to treat obesity as well as health issues such as:

-Hypertension                       -Diabetes
-High Cholesterol                  -High Triglycerides


  • Discusses weight loss goals
  • Educates on overall nutrition
  • Provides healthy meal plans
  • Involved in nutritional counseling
  • Helps with meal planning strategies

  • Review medical history
  • Basic lab analysis
  • Monitor vitals
  • Meal planning unique for each individual
  • Provide personal support

  • Develops custom workout programs that are safe & effective
  • Improves exercise adherence
  • Body fat analysis
  • Educate on exercise technique and program design
  • Provide personal support

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Weight away experience day 1


“Weight Away Day 1” by Cindy J. (CJ) Thao

            Why am I doing this? What is motivating me to lose weight? I like to attribute that to my desire to be wholly healthy, which means being emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically healthy. Well, this is my journey to becoming physically healthy.

Yesterday, I met with Jeremy, and as he reviewed what I could and could not eat, I felt this prickly sense of anxiety climb up my back. Yes, I experienced fear. Fear of setting limits. Fear of changing old habits and behaviors. Fear of letting go of something I was so used to. Fear of the thought of letting go. Jeremy told me, “The first thing you need to do is let go”, and in my head, I thought, “Let go? What are you talking about?” But when he started to tell me what my treatment plan entailed, it hit me. I was being advised to let go. What exactly am I letting go of?

Well, for starters, I am letting go of certain foods I cannot eat anymore. I did not have a single grain of rice today. Do you understand how hard that is for an Asian woman who has eaten rice with practically every meal for the past 26 years of her existence? What dawned on me was that I actually do not care much for rice. It is quite bland and plain tasting, but being rose in a culture that eats rice quite often has instilled within me a particular habit and behavior. Deeper than letting go of rice, I was letting go of a habit, a safety zone, a comfort zone.

Today, I experienced letting go of gum. You see, I always chew gum right after lunch. I hate having the aftertaste of any food in my mouth, and boy did I not like the fact that gum was something I could not have. My mouth twitched back and forth. The urgency to open my little box of Icebreakers and pop a cube in my mouth was intense. To add on top of that, my irritation of the aftertaste in my mouth was driving me insane. It was gnawing at the back of my head like a person with OCD who cannot stand slightly crooked lines. Yes, chewing gum after lunch is a tradition, a behavior, a habit I have adopted.

Now, I was strong enough to fight the urgency, but I accomplished that with a couple of classic feats. First, I refused to look at the box as to not tempt my desire. Second, I distracted my urgency and thirst for gum with more desirable thoughts. Third, I reminded myself that having aftertaste was not the worst thing in the world, and finally, I forced myself to be in the moment and acknowledge that I was craving for gum. Strange how being honest and truthful to one’s self can lessen the energy of cravings. Day one complete. Day two, here I go.


Marsha Scott-Rollf

February 9, 2013
7:37 pm
I gave up coffee and fast food. Living alone i would eat lots of fast food. I also quit using sugar on cereal and butter or mayonnaise on veggies. Really wasn't that hard. I, like you, had to write down my reasons for desiring to lose weight and change my eating habits. It's only day 3 but I'm doing well. I haven't given into the voices in my head and have stuck to the plan. I actually broke my goals down into smaller steps as I did with school. Four more days and I will have made it a week! I can do this!
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